Getting Acquainted

John Spaulding is not a native Texan, but like many in this state, he got here as soon as he could. 

Texas has flowed through my veins since moving here in the infamous summer of 1980. (Ever been in Houston with the temperature at 106 degrees and the humidity at 85 percent?) If that didn't make me skedaddle back to Chicago, I guess I passed the almost-native Texan test. Speaking of native, my wife has been with me for this journey of almost 30 years, and I want to credit this fifth-generation Texan with much of my inspiration along the way.  I've traveled the state from El Paso to Texarkana, from Pampa to Brownsville.

In addition to what to see and do, I'll focus on the people behind the stories. I believe firmly that to move ahead, we need to know where we've been, so I'll add context by providing local history. As an avid naturalist, I have a love of the flora and fauna making Texas unique. In addition, many years of photographing the state's places and faces have taught me that one second's snap can tell the story better than words.


If you share my passion for Texas, come along for the ride! 

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