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Sky Island Surprises

in Fort Davis, Texas;

Stagecoaches to Stargazing

January 2021

Deep in the Alps: 

What's Up in Alpine, Part One

October 2019

Camping at the River's Edge: Colorado Bend State Park

January 2021

East Texas Wetland Project:

Wildlife, Water, Family Legacy

March 2019

Creating a Masterpiece: A Wine

Harvest at Ab Astris Vineyards

October 2020

North Texas Irish Festival: A Celtic Celebration of the Senses

February 2019

Navigating the Universe 

with StarDate's Billy Henry

July 2020

Timeless Beauty

in a Changing Landscape:  

The Chisos Basin

December 2018

A WWII Woman Airforce Service

Pilot (WASP)'s Story

April 2020

Historic Texas Fort

is a Must-See:

Rescuing Fort Chadbourne

October 2018

The Salt Lick: Cooking up Family History with a Side of Barbecue

March 2020

Minimalism and Mystery at the St. George Hotel, Marfa

October 2018

Beyond the Lights: Exploring

Another Marfa Mystery

January 2020

A Texas Treasure Hunt: 

Prospecting for Topaz

in Mason

September 2018

Deep in the Alps:

What's Up in Alpine, Part Two

October 2019

Moving at 1,000 Beats a Minute:

The Hummer House   

September 2018

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